The Candle in the Darkness

If we think the gathering darkness will let up on its onslaught, we are gravely mistaken. The apostates that sit in the Philippine Areopagus are not about to slow down. First there was the RH Bill. Expect the Divorce Bill to be the centerpiece of anti-life and anti-religion propaganda in 2013. Again,and again, I tell you, it will become very difficult for a Christian to live in this country. I am not yet educated as to what shape this Divorce Bill is going to take, but I can imagine the quandary of the Remnant who choose to be faithful. 


Think about it. A devout Christian decides to enter in marriage with the intention of carrying it through to the end. He or she naturally believes the spouse is in it for the long haul. But then seven years later, things get itchy for the spouse, and something happens that becomes a ground for divorce. So it gets filed, and faithful Christian finds himself or herself divorced even if they didn’t want it… So, how can they live out their vocation from then on? The burden of living out their faith becomes excruciating: They are called to marriage, but they’re now divorced, and because of that they will forever have to live celibate because their faith forbids them taking on another partner while the first spouse is still alive. Indeed to those who want to be true to their faith, this Divorce Bill will only be a burden, a temptation, a curse.


This is just the beginning of how 2013 will look like – it will be another battle between light and darkness, and the light is flickering very faintly.  Judging how the RH Bill was railroaded through bribery, deceit, and apostasy, I have no reason to doubt it will not be the same for the Divorce Bill.


All these has led me to ask myself the question: If in all the world, the same anti-life, anti-religion laws are being enacted, what benefit is there for me to continue being a citizen of this Third World country?  I have always believed that despite the material odds, what this country has got going is my freedom to exercise my religion without fear, and with full protection. 


Now, that is not the case. I can no longer pay my taxes with a clean conscience, nor raise my children in the manner my conscience dictates because the State demands that my tax payments be used for projects that run against my conscience, and that law requires that I subject my children to an education that I have no way to regulate. I used to think that I can speak of God and Life in the same breath and now I’m not so sure. And that’s the case for any country nowadays. 


And so all things being equal, why not move to a country with greener material pastures, when everywhere anyway it’s a spiritual hell?


But then again, that’s when the little command of the Christ I worship comes in: Be a light to the world, a candle on a hill, in the middle of this heavy darkness.


To the Remnant of the faith, to all those who have shunned apostasy, I invite you to burn. Do not let these times pass without you shedding some form of blood for the conviction that we are Christians who will withstand the onslaught of a pagan, satanic country and world. 


Burn like candles in the dark.



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