This Gathering Darkness

There is a gathering darkness over the earth. The world has finally come to that point in history – again – where it will become difficult to live a true Christian. Every nation and society under the sun has successfully set up the legislation and the paradigm that criminalizes acts of Christian conscience and labels true Christianity in the derogatory.  And many dare lay claim on being Christian – Catholic, even – but really, they are nothing more than apostates: they have sold the faith of their fathers and mothers for the opportunity to legitimize what once was condemned as sinful, and for a few barrels of pork. Some proudly say that they question the teachings of the Catholic Church, and yet label themselves still as Catholic.  (Well, go on with your life, but drop the Catholic label). Truth be told, the possibilities that their objections are based on moral issues and not doctrinal ones are pretty high. Most likely, the new horde of pagans and apostates do not wish to reject the Creed, but they very well would like to reject the Code.


The only way to manifest their total rejection of the Christian’s Moral Code is to set up a Code of their own. These pagan codes have found their way into civil legislation, in different forms in different nations. These pagan codes have found their way into social norms that give precedence to a distorted notion of tolerance, insisting that refusal to accept traditionally immoral actions of one’s beloved is tantamount to not loving at all. So what’s a person to do? 


This is no different from the Garden of Eden. We have decided to take hold of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, to be gods without God. We have opted to set our own laws, our own norms of behavior, based on what we think is right “for us” – on the basis of a collective subjective that is amorphous and cacophonous.


And those Catholic Christians who accept the Creed but not the Code? What difference is there between them and the cafeteria? What is the difference between these apostates and the overriding pagan culture of the world? Nothing, not even in their belief in some god the image of which is a mere caricature of the Majesty that demands the total obedience of faith.


So the darkness gathers, hovering over all of us, a Damocles’ sword waiting…


I call upon the anawim – the remnant of God who have chosen to be faithful to their Catholic vocation. Stand firm, and do not lose heart. When 2012 ended, the liturgy proclaimed, as it does every Christmas – “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)


Jesus Christ is that light, and the Church – all of us – is His torchbearer. Do not lose hope, nor should you fear this darkness. This pagan world will not hold up long, for all the kingdoms shall one day bow before the name of Jesus. Not the Jesus they falsely paint, but the real Lord who will come gloriously triumphant, who will separate the sheep from the goats, and who will demand an accounting of every human being, of every race, and every nation.



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