My Farewell Letter to 2011

‎2011 –

It is your last hour on this side of the planet. Sadly, no one is living this last hour for you.
All have set their eyes and hopes on your successor.
But do not weep.
Whatever is left of your 12-month life will forever be etched in memory and in history.
Both in the collective memory and history of this increasingly connected world…
And in our own personal memories and histories…

Whatever has been said and done, harbored in the heart with love or rancor,
All cannot be undone. For good or ill, your mark will carry the force of momentum
That may chart the course of our destinies in 2012 and beyond,
Save, should it be changed by our own freedom, or the will of God.

I do not carry with me any regret, nor bear ill-will against you, 2011.
The stroke of midnight brings with it your death,
And at death, with Tosca I say to you – I forgive you.

For whatever it was, my romance and my adventure with you, 2011
I shall cherish it with the sentimentality of a sage, the joy of a jester, and the grimness of a god.

At the stroke of midnight, 2011, I will take up new pen, and write a new history.

Good bye, 2011. Rest well in the annals of history, and in the minds of all who breathed during your regime.

2012 approaches…


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